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February 26


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Monthly MEGA Manga Feature! Volume 3 + 200 points

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 26, 2014, 10:34 AM
:heart::love::+fav: Here's the third edition of my Manga Series, MONTHLY MEGA MANGA FEATURES, where I will be featuring DD, Great manga artist, Unseen Anime Artist , and MANGA OF COURSE! Give these artist some love :+fav::love::heart: And this is the first Journal Feature where I will give away 200 points! :points:

I feature 100 deviations from the Manga Category and some Fan-art, too.

Here are 30 DDs featured from our Manga/Anime CVs
:heart: Here's 15 from Damaged927 that are super cool! 

Kitsune by Ku-OnBLUE Dream by BlackTeaDollAmie Village by Nonohara-SusuHell Flower 3 by ATOMixArtTrick or to eat by lalalalackTeatime by coumoriGOZU by kicdocTale Teller by raeinniWelcome To My Crooked World .:Speedpaint:. by RimaPichiCerebium Sparks by Hedrick-CS. A NEW WORLD . by AsuHanTwilight Roses by sheryulittle glowing hopes by uchuubrankoJena by YilxStation by Yennineii

heart:Here's 15 from Gwendolyn12 that are super cool!
Make sure to visit all of Gwendolyn12's DD Features here>…

stars godness by daihaa-wyrdDemon boy by jurikoiSomnia by PonchiuxForest spirit by Ikanu96Mahou Shoujo by zao2::CM::X_BY_SUKI by SUKIBLOGBlack by 77chenMAGE - Hunt by faithomDreamed by Rin54321Solace by tanawC140113 by bradlycolinNovember by SeenaRomySecret Garden :description update: by PencilCrownEmpty town by Charlotte-ExotiqueAutumn by LaneChan

Suggest Manga and Anime to

:heart:Here are 30 deviations from some of our favorite manga/anime artists
Pom-Pom-Poms by DAV-19- Pinku - by janirotluvxHappy Valentine 2014 : 253 by emperpepThe last dance of the princess from the moon by KenneosComm: H0peh by ikrCM : Dark and Light by Riki-toMagic Knight: ChocoVani by ZenithOmochaPrincess Felutia by futarinokizuna540 by azammiiCommission for Janirotluvx by inmaCrime and Punishment by chaamalPlease Don't Wake Up by sinlaireSuzaku and Euphemia by laverinneGold fish by EllsatYear of the Horse by alchemaniacPetals by ShiupikaIllustration Corail by MoewxaCom: With you by meodualeomid-limb by uturo128Bringing Dawn by sTiViA.AT. Town of fire. by HetiruWanderlust by iya-chenDessert time! by NarurinyaSS2013 - crieme by zearyuUntitled by INstockeeOktoberfest by BrandyRosaLH by SemcoolShinobi by observerzmegohime by tandolcedeco

:heart: Here are 40 Unseen artist that deserve some love. These artist really have talent!  
Bees Dance by ChibiKingSamaBalcony by Alie-ReolSweet Dream by ShootingStarWishThe Wondering Child + speedpaint by behindwalls11Light of Friendship by KanekiruSpring by starlightgenieAT : Usagilyn by reikureiiKiyomi- Flowers around me by Kimine-kkkRenchon~ waay~ waayy~ by KazenokazeLine Miku by pudding-neawour little secret by parrareruAlice+Alice by kururunoFleuvy by tsu-kazeAutumn Love by CorolyTalent Sampler -Soraru ver.- by eldriyan[Official Release] Pangya Calendar 2012 - August by teddylandSummoner by au7Commission: Hinoki by PaulinartsThe Unmoving Library by NekomichaPinku by Vicle-chancommission :Sugarella: by RanniieeHappy Halloween Grand Chase by Subiculumwinter by AyayouHeavenly Shoujo Kitsch by m-u-ll-emagical girl singer by VeggieSexyARIA by gin-1994A Bright Future by SECONDARY-TARGETHalf Sisters by EKKnightHappy New Year! by Ang-nyanDance of the Fireflies by xadakoFairy Sunclove Colored by OtakuECPink World by Mellow-Bun
Sagittarius by Apricot-CrownChristmas  l i g h t s by SayuuiYou the Part Of Me by Ryuuta-kunCat Girl by hotpppinkThe Ever so sweet Fall by SeiChuuBon by tori-ruHigedriver Tribute by ukkiuki



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